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Thermo Fisher Scientific contacted me to redesign their Human Resources Benefits website to provide a rich user experience for understanding benefit options, enrollment and guidelines. The site would be used by over 75,000 Thermo Fisher colleagues spread around the globe.


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Wai Man Wong Web Design and Development

My role on the project consisted of UX/UI design as well as front-end development. Initially, there were a series of discussions with the HR team and stakeholders to gain insight into the HR operations and specifically the content and timing surrounding the employee benefits enrollment period. I also met with folks in the IT department so that I could become familiar with the underlying Sharepoint installation.

It also became clear that the team was leaning towards a “stepped” approach that would illustrate the enrollment process. Based on this concept, I began creating wireframes to help facilitate the discussion surrounding the information architecture and solidify the direction. This process really helped to clarify the client’s vision and align all the stakeholders, setting a solid foundation for further research. The wireframes were the baseline reference point for all subsequent design iterations. Although the final content was a bit of a moving target, we felt we had a good grasp of the overall content so, we transitioned from wireframes to high fidelity mockups.

We were finally able to see our efforts come to fruition while fine-tuning the design and ultimately getting sign-off from all stakeholders. With the design phase complete, and everyone on the same page, I began developing a prototype to begin testing interactions, animations, and other functionality. Although the prototype wasn’t connected to the database at that point, the code and visual assets were used to migrate the site into Sharepoint. I worked with Thermo’s back-end development team to ensure a smooth rollout.


Wai Man Wong Web Design and Development

Generally, open enrollment happens on an annual basis. The open enrollment dates are known but content from third-party vendors is a bit of a moving target as new guidelines and policies are being worked out and finalized. We could estimate the content and planned to perform quick updates all the way up to launch.

The overall vision was aligned across the various stakeholders. As we went through the process, decisions had to be made regarding internal protocols as well as technical constraints surrounding the Sharepoint installation. One of the requirements was to build the site within the context of the company’s Sharepoint installation as opposed to a standalone microsite. In addition, certain pieces of content were location-based, which the page layouts had to accomodate.


Wai Man Wong Web Design and Development

After the enrollment period, employee feedback regarding the process was hugely positive. Colleagues felt like they had a single place to go for all benefit related topics and provided a wealth of resources. Thermo’s HR team was able to provide timely information in an efficient manner while reducing support calls in the process. Looking forward, the stepped approach could be simplified even further. Working within the parameters of Sharepoint had some obstacles but we were able to create a good looking, effective portal in a short amount of time.

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